About Flock

Flock is a progressive rock band based in the middle of the Netherlands, producing their own unique blend of music. Inspired by Anathema, Porcupine Tree, Alice in Chains, and Tool, Flock has managed to create their own distinct sound. The band consists of four members: guitarist/vocalist Ruud van der Lee, guitarist Gijs Niezink, bassist Marcel Verheij, and drummer Ruben Boas. They have been playing together since 2016.

Their music is often characterized as melodic with a strong bite. Flock is also known for their use of vocal harmonies and their lyrical composition, which often touches on philosophical and metaphysical themes. This is combined with powerful riffs and melodic solos.

In 2023, they crowdfunded, recorded, produced, and mastered their first EP, ‘Reflection/Perfection’, entirely independently. Flock is a band that is sure to make waves in the prog rock scene and beyond. Their unique sound and thought-provoking lyrical compositions make them a band to watch.


Ruben Boas and Gijs Niezink have known each other since 2011 when Gijs posted an ad on a musicians’ forum. Together, they started with a variety of musicians. Singers, bassists, and keyboardists with different contributions, styles, and skill levels came and went. In 2016, the band played for the first time during an intimate living room concert as a try-out and later that year at the free festival ‘Willems Wondere Weiland’ in Amersfoort. At that time, Sophie Boas was on keyboards and Marco Brouwer was temporarily replacing Marcel Verheij on bass. After the addition of Ruud van der Lee and the permanent arrival of Marcel, the stable foundation of Flock as you know it now was established. Over the years, the men have built a strong bond (both literally and figuratively) with each other.

In their scarce evening hours, the band rehearses in a custom-built practice space and studio created by Ruben. It is here that the foundation was laid for the modest repertoire that has now culminated in a fully self-composed, produced, recorded, mastered, crowdfunded, and independently released EP titled Reflection/Perfection. The title refers to the time the band invests in fine-tuning their songs, which ultimately brought the insight and self-reflection necessary to complete the EP and other unreleased tracks.

Band Members

Ruud van der Lee – Guitars & Vocals

Marcel Verheij – Bass

Gijs Niezink – Guitars & Backing Vocals

Ruben Boas – Drums & Backing Vocals


e-mail: info@flockband.nl

Gijs Niezink – 06-23789150